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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by heybruck34, Jul 25, 2003.

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    I used to have a majority fescue lawn. My neighbor (who is lucky to cut the grass once every two weeks) has every assortment of grass/weed known. Her bermuda has crept over into my yard and is taking over.

    Is there anyway I can kill the Bermuda mixed in with my lawn without killing the Rebel III I planted this spring?

    I have already sprayed Roundup down the property line to form a "no-man's land" between our yards. Anything seen growing in it will be KILLED IMMEDIATELY!

    Thank you.
  2. Fvstringpicker

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    I've used fusilade II on zoysia. I think it's safe on fescue but you need to research it. It will control bermuda if applied correctly. Read the labeling
  3. vegomatic40

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    I used Fusilade II on a customers lawn that insisted that Bermuda was creeping in from the neighbor. I re-read the label as I hadn't used the product since the previous year and followed it to the letter. My rate was correct, surfactant was dead on and still got damage and some kill of fescue in the areas treated. My thinking is that if the potential for damage exists, why not simply wait until late Aug. and kill with Glyphosate? That way you can seed at the proper time and minimize the length of time you have to look at dead areas.
  4. ornamec (gordens product) use on tall fescue, NOT IN HOT SUMMER MONTHS, use in spring and fall

    roundup will not kill bermunda, will make it look dead, but it comes back!!!!!!!1
  5. vegomatic40

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    Ornamec has the same "AI" as Fusillade and the labels are virtually the same. I used Fusillade during the second week of May as the Bermuda emerged from dormancy. I kept a record and daytime high was 76. Well within the label limits. Sure, Bermuda will comeback as it is nearly impossible to keep new seeds from blowing in or, the seeds from previous season germinate. But the Bermuda that I kill this August is most assuredly DEAD, and will stay out of my lawns a minimum of 1 yr. with only a minimum of touch up needed the next Aug.
  6. Thanks vegomatic40, I knew ornamec and fusilide where basically same product, but didn't have a fusilide label. Proable could find ornames at a good garden center in pint or quart containers.
  7. heybruck34

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    thanks for the info ya'll.

    Vegomatic- what exactly is a surfectant? I have heard that used several times and never seen a definition.

    My problem with the chemicals you listed is I have to get my pesticide license to purchase them from the Lesco store. I am taking the test, well- today, but I don't have the books yet. I found out I needed to be licensed last week and didn't have enough time to order and recieve the books. So I'll wing it this afternoon and know what I need to study for next time.

    PS- I checked about Fusilade II not killing fescue and it technically is safe but most times it severely damages the fescue. The Lesco dealer told me it's best to just mix Fusilade II and 41% glysophate when you're trying to kill bermuda in a lawn area. That way you kill the Bermuda for sure, as the fescue will most likely die anyway. He said the products are designed for flower beds and such....

    Thanks again! wish me luck!
  8. azturfpro

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    Turflon may do the trick . Look into it before you try .
  9. vegomatic40

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    Sorry for the delay...Surfactant =Spreader/Sticker. Most herbicides call for a "Non-Ionic" surfactant. Lesco and other companies carry them and they are relatively cheap as a little goes a long way. Some herbicides require different ones such as Methylated Seed Oil according to the label. Why use Fusillade with Glyphosate? If you are after non-selective control it makes little sense to mix in a selective.
  10. Enviro Green

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    I agree with the mixing of Fusilade and glyphostate.

    We are trying to develop a progem to be used just prior to the bermuda going dormant to apply ornamec or fusilade two times ina 10-14 day window to try to destory the bermuda while not KILLNING the fescue.

    I have two clients who have volunteered, we will see.


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