Killing cold wx weeds in Memphis

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by re151731, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. re151731

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    I live in Memphis Tn.I have a good stand of common bermuda which is currently dormant.With cooler temps currently (70 high 32 low)what can you folks recomend I use to kill the abundant weeds.When the daytime temps get warmer I use MSMA, however in these cooler temps that will not work. I prefer to use a liquid weed killer with my spray cart.Thx for any suggestions.
  2. NickN

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    2,4-D.Use the Esther in colder weather and the Amine in warmer weather(such as temps in the 70's)
  3. somo1

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    As long as your bermuda is dormant you can also use Roundup, but it will need some warm daytime temps. to work.
  4. HoseJockey

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    What type of weeds are the problem. The bermuda is starting to green up on the edges already so be careful with the Round-up. If the problem is poa anna, products are avaliable to control it without damage to the desired turf. Also the 2-4d can damage the turf if its applied to heavly. If spot treated you could have bare areas or areas slow to green up. Ive been there done that.

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