Killing fescue or rye from Bermuda lawn

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mcambrose, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. mcambrose

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    Anyone know of a chemical that you can use over bermuda to kill fescue or rye grass? I know Roundup is not the way to go even if the bermuda looks dormant.
  2. greenman

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    There are a few chemicals that should do it. Atrazine is one, may stress Bermuda, especially during green up. Diclofop will work, will not harm Bermuda. Corsair may be your best bet. Its safe for Bermuda, and WILL kill tall fescue, it will get rid of your onions,too, if you have those. Now rye grass........I have no idea, I know very little about cool season grasses. Be sure to add surfactant.

    Speaking of Round- up,hehe, I applied some to dormant Bermuda to kill out some weeds.....its very stressed now. Just now, at least I hope, showing signs of green, while the non-treated areas are almost green. Oops! I will not do this again.
  3. Round up on dormant bermunda NO problem. Was sucessfull for 7 winters on fairways.

    Used round up on bent greens to control bermunda, 3 applications, was brushed on bermunda, and the runners, got sick, looked dead, but came back!!! Ended up fumigating entire green and reseeding!!!!! I was dealing with common bermunda. I don't think round up will kill bermunda, but it sure will look like it.

    If you can spot spray with round up, I would give it some thought

  4. Meier

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    Use MSMA. Mix it strong and it has to be used in warm weather. Will probably take more than one application to get it out.

    The annual rye grass will probably die out with the summer heat without treatment.

    DFW, TX
  5. xpnd

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    First educate the customer and have him turn the sprinkler system off at this time of the year. Fescue and rye are not drought tolerant and much of it will die on its own accord. If the turf was overseeded transition to the warm season grass will be much easier if the lawn is allowed to become droughty. It will not harm the Bermuda.

    MSMA, if applied incorrectly, will control any weed or grass. It is a photosynthitic inhibitor. The active ingredient is arsenic. If you put enough MSMA down to kill fescue (which it isn't labelled for) you will develop toxic levels of arsenic in the soil and you will have bare spots until it is diluted.

    Best and least expensive way to treat cool season grassy weeds that are missed by the pre emergent applications is to make a Round-up application in the winter on a warm day after several below 25 degree freezes. ( I also add Reward to the mix for a faster kill. also known as Round-up Quick Pro but is more expensive than just buying the two liquids) There are label directions for Bermuda release during dormant periods. If the Bermuda is showing signs of stress in the spring you aren't reading the directions and/or applying when the Bermuda is not fully dormant.

    I am currently using Round-up to release Bermuda from Dalis grass at this time of the year. It is working very well with very little stress to the Bermuda. To be successful mix according to the directions and then do not over spray the area.

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