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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Mikal21502, May 12, 2003.

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    I have a customer whom has a drainage problem in the back portion of their yard and also has alot of moss in the area. The area is also shaded from trees. The customer wanted to know if their is a way to neutralize the moss and if how? Plus would it be better to kill it off or keep it because of the poor drainage? Help me out please on what to do!
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    Try convincing your customer on trimming up &/or removing some of thoes trees. That may solve the problem right there. If not you may need to re grade &/or install some dranage pipe.

    Thats about the only permanent fix. Then you could sell him on seeding the area & the grass would actually come up.

    If he just wants the moss gone, that is possible but a big bare spot will never look all that great & is only a temporary duct tape type fix.
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    Aerate the area heavily, add some lime (40lbs/1000) and seed. Repeat the process for a couple of years. Aerate 2x each year. Thinning the trees would help too.
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    Go with the lime!!!!!!
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    Why treat with lime ??? What is the Ph ?? If it's not low the lime will do nothing. It sounds like the problem is moisture and shade.
    Lime will not help either of those....:p
  7. YES, do a soil test!!!!!!!!! DON'T TREAT WITH LIME WITHOUT A SOIL TEST!!!!!!!!!!!

    pH could be > than 6.5!!!!!!!!! I have several lawns with some moss and ph is greater than 6.5. I did a soil test.
  8. GroundKprs

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    Mosses are just lower forms of plant life. They will not be able to compete with healthy growing grass. If you can improve the turf, the moss will disappear. If grass will not do well in this location (too wet, too shady, other??), consider another groundcover. Go to <a href="">Turf Publications</a> and read AY-17. Other useful publications there too.

    Moss is not the problem, it is just a symptom of a problem. Real problem is environment that allows moss to grow. Have taken over a poorly maintained site with moss scattered all through lawn. All moss was gone in 3 months with just proper care of turf. Have had other sites where it is too shady or wet for grass to survive, and you will have moss unless problem(s) are corrected.
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    Well I told the man about cutting back the trees or removal of them, drainage system ( some other company do it.), regrading, or lime, nevertheless, the guy is a real stubborn sob he says, "I've lived her for 40 something yrs and never had to do any of that!" Man, I was going to say"well that is why you have a bog in your back yard" then he starts to tell me well there used to be a spring back there and i said it still is back there. I don't think that the man has too many yrs left in him and doesn't want to spend the money so I'm only left to the only option of spreading lime.
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    i remember seeing a product at lesco called demoss not sure how or if it works

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