Killing Off Some Vinca Minor

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by JimLewis, Jul 5, 2012.

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    Hey, what would you use to kill off an established patch of Vinca Minor? I was thinking probably just Glyphosate with surfactant would do the trick. My usual backup for something that Glyphosate doesn't work on (around here, that would be Blackberries, Horsetail and Ivy) would be Crossbow. But we'll be doing this job in August and it will likely be too hot to apply Crossbow. So I was hoping that either Glyphosate [with surfactant] alone or maybe Glyphosate mixed with another herbicide (dyquat?) would do the trick.

    Any recommendations?
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    My go to when I am treating broadleaf vegetation and vapor drift is a concern is 2,4-D amine or Garlon 3 A. Either of those is non volatile and will kill the vines or brush that RoundUp is poor on. Please do not use ester anything in hot, humid and still weather.
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    TURBO CHARGED ROUNDUP has been discussed here several times over the years. Amine 2,4-D and Roundup will control most weeds. Fact is Aquatic Glyphosate is generally mixed with Amine 2,4-D like Weedar 64 as a standard Aquatic weed spray. I have also used an Amine 3 Way herbicide on Land which IMHO is better.

    Ester 2,4-D will volatile and can drift to kill desirable plants. The hotter it is the more likely the Volatilization. However Ester 2,4-D being hotter will control more weed and faster than Amine. Several years ago, Once and only Once I used Roundup & Ester 2,4-D in an Industrial setting to burn down a very over grown storage yard. Drift was not a factor but young trees and Heavy Brush were over growing the storage yard Full of a lot of old equipment. The Ester 2,4-D gave just enough extra punch to get some big plants. BTW after the die back and a lot of weed eating I had to spray the under brush that was hidden.


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