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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Anthony Divit, Sep 30, 2018.

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    Years ago, I had a stubborn tree sapling along a fence line that kept growing back after being cut to the ground. I had no idea how Roundup worked, but I thought that if I painted it onto the cut end of the remaining stub it might keep it from growing back, and it worked. I’ve used that trick a few times since and it just works.
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    It's been awhile since I been here but nothing has changed.

    Guys it's 2018 and there is a product for everything. If you want to kill thistle, you use Lontrel. If the client calls and wants you to give them a price for spraying the thistle in their beds, please don't tell then $40.00.
    You are a professional, not a kid with a lawnmower in his wagon. The cost should be at a minimum $165.00.

    The stuff I read on here is a joke, inject gly into the stem. How do people come up with this stuff???

    BTW, Lontrel can be sprayed near shrubs and lawn without damage.
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    Not a bad idea. Lontrel never comes to mind anymore because of the residential turf restriction. Ok for residential landscape beds though.

    I don’t think anyone suggested injecting stems, at least that’s not how I read it. Cut the weeds and spray or brush the cut stems so they don’t grow back. It does work on most weeds. A standard forestry practice is hack and squirt, also spraying cut stumps. Similar principle. Not outlandish. If you get enough gly or triclopyr into the plant phloem, it’s done.

    You must be lucky to get calls to spray thistle in beds. I never get calls like that. I’m in charge of maintaining turf and landscapes. The owners don’t care what pops up or why and they don’t know what the weeds are. My job is to make it go away, preferably before they notice it.
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    If I hack and squirt anything I'm definitely not using glyphosate. It simply isn't strong enough for things that really need the hack and squirt method, basal bark, or griddle applications. Tordon should be in everyones tool bag for those situations.
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    "killing thistle"
    isn't that a movie?

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