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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by C & S, Apr 16, 2003.

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    I have a customer that want to know if there is a chemical that he can pour on his pine trees to kill them. I asked why he doesn't just have them cut down, but that is the way he wants it done. I guess he is going to burn them. He is kind of strange! They are pine trees with 6-7" diameter trunks. Any ideas?
  2. Treeslayer

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    Girdle them.

    Cut into the trunk 2" all the way around the tree about a foot off the ground with a chainsaw.

    Starves the tree to death.:(

    But don't expect an arborist to climb the tree afterwards.
  3. i was just gonna say the same thing that treeslayer said, i`ve seen it done and it seems to work good. may be u could drill a few 1/2 holes in them and pour a little bit of straight round up in them :D :dizzy: it also depends were u buy ur round up.
  4. KerryB

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    Put out a few Pine bark beatles. That will do the trick.
    Just kidding . lol
    Like tree slayer said just cut them and let them bleed.
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    there is a chemical called strike an it will kill any tree any size the stuff is potent

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