Killing undesirable weeds in tall fescue

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by chariot, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. chariot

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    I have a neighbor that has just asked me about how much time he has left to kill out the undesired weeds and re-seed this fall. When do you guys think is to late, or to cold to try to do this work? Will most of the weeds already be going dormant now and tyring to kill them will do no good? I only do mowing and landscape maintenance so I am new to this work. Thanks for any information you have.
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    First thing, I can't tell from your post if you yourself plan on applying any weed controls or if you are asking on your neighbors behalf and will let him apply the products.

    If you plan on making any kind of pesticide application you must get licensed and certified to do so. The penalty for not following those regulations are stiff.

    If you are asking on your neighbors behalf then you may be limited to "over the counter" products and not the professional products.

    You say he has weeds but what weed are we talking about. Some weeds are not very controllable selectively even in the best circumstances, others require several treatments to achieve a measure of control. Any weed control product we recommend would be dependent on the type of weeds to be controlled. So without some idea of the weeds in question, it would be impossible to give helpful advice.

    To further complicate matters, most weed control product labels state that one should not seed for a few weeks after application, that would put us into late October or early November for the seeds. I don't know how the weather is in Tennessee, but I suspect you will have any growth this year seeding that late.

    If you can't identify the weeds yourself, perhaps taking some digital pictures and attaching them to a post will help.

    Or you can hire a lawn service company in your area to come out and handle it for you.

    Good luck
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    Most weeds are going to be dead in the next few weeks and for most weeds the damage has already been done (i.e. gone to seed). I'd tell him to wait til next year and start early with his pre-emergent and follow-up on broadleaf weeds as they appear in May and then again a couple months later.
  4. chariot

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    Thanks guys. I do not plan to do this as I am not licensed and he did not ask. He knew that I mowed and thought that I may be of help. I told him I don't fool with pesticides so I do not know but that I would try to find out. As he explained it to me it seems that most of it sounds like it is common ground ivy.
  5. MrBarefoot

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    Ground Ivy is stubborn and requires a few treatments to eliminate it from a lawn.

    Since it is so late in the year, I second what previous posters said and suggest that you wait until next year.

    Most off the shelf weed killers will control ground ivy, make sure to tell your neighbor to read the label and follow its directions. It would be good to remind him that more is not better and he should not exceed the recommended application rates. The best time to get control of Ground Ivy is the spring time when it is actively growing, about the same time the dandelions are all growing.

    Hope this helps

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