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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by JayinKs, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. JayinKs

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    I bought my TCII 61" back in June. I kept my old Gravely 44" as a back up although it runs it needs a motor pretty bad. I was thinking I would eventually repower the Gravely and use it on my small yards and to fit into smaller openings when those yards come along. Problem is, after using the Scag with the velocity deck I hate the way the Gravely cuts. So, I was thinking, just sell it as is and pick up a used 42-44" ztr or repower the Gravely and live with the cut. If I go used, what is a good little ztr in 42-44" that would work as a backup?
  2. weeze

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    don't know of a good ztr with that small of a cut. most of them are 48"-72" cuts for the good ones.

    you may could buy a 36" stander for the small yards.
  3. Hawkshot99

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    36" WB. A ztr that small has to small of tires. Makes the rut to easily. If your mowing areas small enough like that, a 36" wb will br gŕeat. Weighs less, costs less, and your weight is added to the tires to cause rutting.
  4. JayinKs

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    That is the one thing I loved about the Gravely was the 44" deck. It would fit into fairly small spaces and go through a 4ft gate. And it is a full commercial unit. Just didn't like the QOC . And, no rutting problem.

    You guys mentioned standers and I have been thinking about them. Not gonna walk! Sorry.

    One of the local crews just bought a JD stander and so far they like it. Not like they like their riders but for a stander they like it.
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  5. GoPappy

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  6. Todd73

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    Snapper Pro S50XT. Great little 36" Commercial ZTR. Used it as my primary until I bought its 52" big brother and it got moved to backup/small gate role.
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  7. dishboy

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    14.5" blade in a tightly baffled three blade deck.........will make a turfmaster deck feel like a velocity when it starts packing wet grass.
  8. Ridin' Green

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    The deck isn't a tightly baffled deck though, so packing shouldn't be too much of an issue.
  9. dishboy

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    Yes it is , the right blade .dumps directly into the center blade with the blade circle right against the blade and the front baffle hugs right against the center blade . If that does not constitute tight baffling I dont know what is. I'm sure you know fellew LS members who agree with you so thereby by popular consensus deem yourself to be don't waste your time shouting me down , we can agree to disagree,.....and no I'm not from Canada..
  10. Ridin' Green

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    No, it really isn't. No shouting on my part.

    The blades in a JD are close to the front baffle too, and no one considers them tightly baffled. Only the left blade on the BB deck dumps into the center blade, and the opening between chambers is fairly large, which is what matters most. The center and right blade have a straight shot out the chute, so no issue there. The deck baffling on the BB is almost identical to the one the new Kubby decks, and so far, they have a good rep for not clumping.

    I don't need anyone here to back me up. I don't deem myself to be correct either. I am posting my opinion based on actually running ZTR's with different decks as well as cutting right next to a ton of them. I get to see what works pretty well and what doesn't. Before you get so high and mighty all the time, try getting off your walker or out from behind your 21's and actually experience some of this for yourself.

    Never said you were from Canada either.
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