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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by StBalor, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. StBalor

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    Talking about low ballers: I have a customer i sent out a reminder notice beginning of march saying i would be starting again this year 1st week of april. She calls me and says " I would not like to continue with my contract this year, but i will call you if i decide otherwise" I say ok and leave it at that. She calls me a a few days ago she calls me back saying she wants to continue with her contract and pay the 300.00 in full for the year.
    I am dumb founded, This is a lawn i was charging 154.29 a month with a yearly total of 1080.00.
    I asked her was she sure thats what my contract says? She kept pushing she wanted to pay the 315.00 for the year. Saying she had my coupon right in front of her and wanted to pay it immediatly. I say you know this is the guy that cut your grass last year and i stated the monthly payment and told her if she wanted to pay for the year she could but it would be 1080.00.
    She then says who is this? I say Joey, with svls. She says hold on, comes back and tells me she dialed the wrong number.
  2. zim bob the landscaper

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    hahah thats good, how could someone do that 300 for a year? they wont be in it long i bet you will get it back and if you do go up in price!
  3. zturncutter

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    We had a customer call us last year complaining they had not seen anyone in over three weeks. I replyed, no you haven't, it's been more like two years. We dropped your account two years ago because you were always so confused. She then hung up the phone.:hammerhead:
  4. StBalor

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    Now that's funny
  5. jason_2005lawnman

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    i just wonder how these lowballers stay in business; the wife and i know of some around here and they stay in business; how do they do it; i sure couldnt; i barely make as it is; this isnt no get rich quick business; lol; any thoughts?
  6. LawnGuy73

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    Oh yeah, I've been there before! :dizzy:
  7. Valk

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    Says the slimy lowballer: Yeah, just pay me $300 up front...I'll be there every week!

    :hammerhead: Homeowner never sees him again...EVER. :hammerhead:
  8. 1MajorTom

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    We had something like that similar happen to us last year. Have a customer who is just a quick mow and blow. After many attempts of suggesting that her flower bed areas needed cleaned out and mulched, she came out one day and asked for a price. Matt told her $800. She gasped, and said, "that is more than I wanted to spend. never mind." So be it. A few weeks later, we get this call from her, I answer, and she says, "It's been weeks now, when is he coming out to clean the beds and mulch?" I said, "what?" she repeats herself, and I explain that she declined because she thought the price was too high and that she must have called someone else. She said, "oh ya that's right", and hung up. So much for that... until about 3 weeks later, she called, but this time she was really frustrated, yelling about how he wasn't showing up. I couldn't believe it. I explained to her once again who we were, and then I said this, "sometimes when you get a cheaper price, that's what happens, they don't show up." To this day, she still never got her flowerbeds spruced up.
  9. topsites

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    Don't forget, a customer leaving for greener pastures can be a good reason to raise the per cut price by $5 (for WHEN some call back, it's a little more the next time around). Done this one more than a few times by now, some never call back but some do, I will say thou that out of the whole bunch once they leave the first time it's usually over (which is to say when they call back and find out the price went up, I might get a few cuts out of it {up to a season's worth} but it's only a matter of time again)... Still, it helps.

    Sometimes, maybe half, I find later these customers actually did me a favor (but not always, far from it).

    But it is sad, it goes far beyond the frustration of wondering how the lowballers do it...
    As was already pointed out some take the money and run, others never show, in other cases still they do an absolute lousy job.
    Then I've had a few customers complain to me how 'every year it's the same thing, I HAVE to shop around AGAIN!'
    I usually say "hmmm that's strange, I wonder why?" (all innocent little me)

    Most shoppers find inexperience, few of those stick around for more than 1-2 years, fewer still at the cut throat price.
    Because inexperience costs money too, that is, if they care about how the lawn looks...

    Is it worth it?
    They can pay me my rates, or they can pay for it when they have to shop around again.
    So you get what you pay for, what it all boils down to.
  10. StBalor

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    I have always raised prices when they dump me then call me back.
    Many years ago a guy i had cut for a couple years told me his neighbors kid was gonna start cutting his lawn. no problem i said and did not think much of it. 2 weeks later i get a call, the neighbor wants me to start cutting their grass. I cut it and was talking to them about their son cutting my old customers grass. come to find out their son was like 21 years old and on drugs, they said they could not depend on him for nothing. So the next week i go back to cut theirs again and my ex-customer comes over and starts talking to me. yep, he wants me to come back, i tell him company policiy stats i have to raise him 5.00 per cut, he starts yelling and ranting how the neighbors screwed him and he should not have to pay 5.00 more then his neighbors. I said well you kinda bailed on me cause you thought you were gonna save a buck and that's my policy.
    I cut his grass the rest of that year and never heard from him again.

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