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kinda lookin forward to the end of the year..

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:blob3: been doing this for 10 years now and ive never been so happy to see the end of the year coming. im not sure whats been worse the really bad weather and never ending high turf or the impossible customers, by far the worst this year. not compaining about our quality at all just the wiening " oh whats taking so long did'nt rain today, you could have come today", im sure you guys in the northeast know what im talkin about. tony
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I, on the other hand, hate to see it end. We had nearly perfect weather this year for me to restart my business. The only thing that wears me out is the 2 PITA's I picked up. One just asked me if I was going to charge her extra for leaves. My reply...............Yes, that isn't part of the mowing season, and leaf removal is charged by the hour. She then asked what I charge/hour, and I didn't hesitate to tell her $100. The complaints started rolling in. Ended up telling her, "That's my rate, and it won't change". Don't you guys just love the cheap PITA's? NOT!
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