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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by ed2hess, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. larryinalabama

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    I was going to get a wire welder to "learn", I plan to get a stick welder if necessary later on.
  2. Patriot Services

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    Two very different techniques. The wire feeds don't give the best penetration or allow for puddle control. They are great for thin sheet though.
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    Not a big fan of flux core wire. You are better off getting a gas fed welder, just mmy opinion.
    Goo dluckk with your purchase.
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  4. cgaengineer

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    I agree. The buzz box is the best first welder for anyone.
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  5. agrostis

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    Yeah, that northern hydraulic's machine has a 20% duty cycle. I think that mean's it's only good for 12 minute's a hour ?
  6. ed2hess

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  7. knox gsl

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    You will need a 50amp 220 volt outlet. I learned to weld with one of these and suck with a wirefeed. It will take some practice and keep the sticks dry.
  8. TNGrassCutter

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    I can do pretty good with my flux cord, it tends to blow through really thin stuff easily though. Its a little more messy than a gas mig welder, little more splatter. But its all I need just to piddle with.
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  9. cgaengineer

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    Surely you have enough room in your breaker box for another 50 amp breaker.

    Not sure you will be really happy with the burn-in of a small wire feed welder unless working with really thin metal. And yes, your eBay link is the exact welder we have.
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  10. larryinalabama

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