King Lawn and Snow Scam

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by akp, May 18, 2010.

  1. nepatsfan

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    If the phone number is still good you have to have someone else you know contact them for the deal. Try to get them to come out to someone elses house to get the free whatever and deal with him accordingly.
  2. Darryl G

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    The decent thing to do would for all you legit guys in the area to team up and mow this guys lawn for free and show him how compassionate landscapers are.

    OK, didn't think so :p
  3. MnGreen

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    File "another" BBB complaint on the company
    Attorney General (might already have a open case on them) asap
    Bank Liens (he had to cash your check some where under his name)
    bank can tell you who the stamped bank was on check.

    Follow up new service request under neutral location, name, number etc.
    Know any cops, sheriffs or the county attorney who wants that sweet deal ? payup
  4. Scagguy

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    I would get my money's worth out of him if you get my drift. I'm the wrong person to rip off when it comes to crap like that. While Texas law doesn't support a little payback, chances are good it will get buried in the system and nothing will become of it.
  5. AmGreen

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    how long ago did you write the check? you may still be able to place a stop payment on it. this in turn would cause his account at his financial institution to be f*cked, requiring this institution to pursue him legally. you have your money back and don't have to deal with him.

    consider small claims a waste of time in your situation.
  6. StoneFaced

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    Does anyone know if this is the same guy from MI, that was soliciting snow plowing and lawn contracts in Cleveland. Few months ago there was a guy on plowsite posting all over aggressively, especially on the Ohio thread, looking for an established lawn/plow business...had shady written all over it.
  7. lzrj

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    Go make a police report. Even though you signed a contract and handed over your money does not mean it's only civil. If his whole intent was to defraud you and he has not provided you a service but took you money, that is fraud and is illegal. If your police department provides any service, they should look into this matter. Our police department is good and has arrested many people that have done this very thing. There is a guy charged with felony stealing after cashing a $4,000 check for a roofing job and never doing the job. Some departments may not want to bother with these types of crimes and tell you its civil and to get an attorney. It sad because if there is intent to defraud someone it is not civil, its criminal.
  8. Knight511

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    From what I have read/heard, you won't be able to file criminal charges of fraud since he did do SOME work... you best recourse will be the BB and small claims... but just because you get a judgment in your favor doesn't mean you will ever actually SEE the money.

    Sorry to hear about a bad apple... makes us all look bad. :(
  9. lzrj

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    It's all different state to state but here it would not matter if he even did a little work. If his "intent" was to defraud you then it is criminal and would be more poweful then any civil judgement. Same for these aspahalt scam artists that go house to house doing a job and then taking the money and running after doing a poor job. The police goes after those guys as well here because it is their whole "intent" to steal from you. Im just saying it could be an option and to contact your law enforcement to see what they say.
  10. AllSeasonServices

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    The problem with criminal charges is they wont do anything for the lost money. But small claims court is a joke so that news thing sounds good. Out here we have 7 on your side and they tend to get everything straightened out once the scammer realizes they are going to be blasted on prime time TV. That may be the way to go with this one.

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