Kingwood, Houston TX Lawn Crew Chief Needed.

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Lurch01, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Lurch01

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    It is low season right now, You must be willing to get out there and work for a while.

    100,000 door hangers will go out in March. We own a printing company as well so We can afford to do this.

    Must have a decent driving record.

    Must be able to drive and back a 16 foot landscape trailer.

    Must Read and Write English.

    Must not bring with you any drama, I wont hear it.



    You can view our sites at:
  2. Lurch01

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    Job Description:
    I am looking for one individual to join our extended family

    Lawn Care, Landscaping ,Irrigation Systems.
    Skills Required:

    Please Read Fully.

    I need to hire 1 Crew Leader for the Kingwood, Humble Atascocita Area.

    2 years experience
    Must have drivers license and own vehicle to get to work and home each day, we will provide a work vehicle for traveling to all yards.
    Must be able to perform general maintenance and upkeep of equipment.
    Clean driving record.
    Must be able to Effectively Bid on Jobs
    Past with landscaping
    Wiling to learn
    Must have active TEXAS drivers license with an insurable record.. No you can not drive the company truck home.
    No Bad Attitude
    Bilingual a plus.

    Duties: Receive emailed list of work for the day, drive the company vehicle and trailer to each job and perform the assigned tasks with one or two other crew members. You will be doing roughly 10 yards per person in the crew each day, so a crew of two will do 16-24 yards. Must be able to operate a GPS and smartphone in addition to typical lawn equipment. Pay starts at $9.00 and up depending on experience.

    Please send resume or list of previous employers and qualifications to

    Pay will increase after a 90 day probationary period.
    Pay is based on experience. Pay is $ $9.00 and up. Plus Bonus and Referral Fees.

    The job will typically be a 5 day/wk Monday through Friday Job, but during inclement weather may require weekend work to complete weekly duties. Job is available immediately and the job will pay by check every Friday, this is a contractor job, so worker will receive a 1099 form, so you must take out your own taxes for the year.
  3. Lurch01

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    No one, No one in North Houston, TX area?
  4. Springmeadows

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    How is this job a "contractor" job that will get 1099'd. If you dictate the hours and requirements of the job the IRS will say you have an employee and hold you liable for withholded taxes.
    I am looking to possible relocate but $9 an hour is not enough to justify the move.
  5. agrostis

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    So 9.00 a hour before tax. That's about 6.20/hr. Good luck with that.

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