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  1. Dirty Water

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    Lasco figured it out with their double helix barbs.


    Your never get that to back out.
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    Sure Jon... sure. :hammerhead:

    And if the contractor isn't using Lasco?
  3. Wet_Boots

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    So, is it the swing pipe coming off the barbed fittings that is the problem? I recall this being touched on about a year back, but no one ever stated a known combination of parts (by brand name, I guess) that failed. If the failures were on installations by known corner-cutters, one might assume that one or more of the parts were crap-quality knockoffs.
  4. PurpHaze

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    The failed ones I've dealt with appear to be manufactured units. Next one I get I'll save it, take a picture and see who the manufacturer was.
  5. greenhorn123

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    we use charter plastics poly pipe 1" nsf 100 psi. with insert tees IxIxFIPT or 90's or female adapters on dv male x barb valves with oetiker clamps (double clamped on the main and manifold, constant pressure)

    we come out of the house with a 1" or 3/4 febco pvb all copper till about 6inches underground with a copper female adapter with a insert 90 male adapter. and then its all poly all the time. those swivel jobs and other white manifolds dont always line up tight where you want it and eventually leak. id rather have a low class clamped manifold made of poly and insert tees that will never leak than a homeowner calling after they get thier first spring opening saying thier meter doesnt stop running and thier valve box is full of water. thats low class.

    no ive never seen water hammer blow an insert fitting. the average house around here is under 65 psi, if its higher maybe 85 but never more. if they have that much they usually have a regulater already installed.

    when i moved to florida i couldnt get over how they did things the hard way with trenching and pvc untill about six months later i was glueing 2 systems a day and didnt think twice about it. just cause people do things different doesnt mean it doesnt work.

    poly manifolds rock. try it out.
  6. Wet_Boots

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    I recall the days of Plastiline brand insert fittings (bought out by Lasco, and the name scratched out of the molds) and their sometimes-imperfect moldings. A constant-pressure connection would leak, unless you did a bit of carving away of excess plastic on the fittings. This was followed by some Canadian fittings of inferior material. Even double-clamping with worm-gear clamps wouldn't stop those from blowing out under enough constant pressure.

    The water pressures we have to deal with are the strongest argument against poly manifolds. I want to retain all the flow I can get, so I won't add a pressure reducer unless I'm way over 100 psi. For the dollar costs involved, I get the best bang for the buck with sch 40 PVC manifolds. But with under 65 psi, and using NSF poly, I certainly see no real flaw in the procedure, except it not allowing me to wedge ten valves in a standard valve box. :p

    One thing a poly manifold gets you is a bit of stress relief from the foundation backfill settling. There are countless PVB installs I see that look like some crazy art project, due to the ground settling near the foundations.
  7. greenhorn123

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    what do you do if that 10 valve maniflod breaks and there is no pipe exposed to cut and rebuild? do you have to dig a huge grave and take all the valves off and build a new one?

    2 weeks ago we had a call that the back flow was dumping when the h/o turned the system on.

    i show up appears there is a mainline leak. i found it across the street, bubbling from under the valve boxes, two standard boxes side by side. i pop the covers off, ahh pvc manifold!! one of the tees is broken almost in half. im guessing someone drove over the boxes and cracked it then the water pressure blew it open.

    8 valves in a line, i cut them shits right out built a poly manifold installed and cleaned up in 30 minutes.
  8. Wet_Boots

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    I post the crowded-manifold pictures mostly for humor. The logic behind them comes from a couple decades of practical experience of constructing valve manifolds that (obligitory knock-wood :hammerhead:) don't break, in systems that don't allow the wintertime entry of water, that are always winterized in time. I hate digging two or three valve-box holes, when one will do.
  9. SprinklerGuy

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    I call BS on the 8 valve manifold in 30 minutes...I don't care if you had prebuilt valve manifolds....and all the male adapters were already taped up....and it was easy digging...30 minutes is a huge stretch...but I get your point....
  10. greenhorn123

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    im stretching a little bit, but it went fairly quick.

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