Kioti CK 30 With Trailer and More

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by OBXTractor, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. OBXTractor

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    I have a Kioti Ck 30 Tractor to sell. This is a 2003 model I beleive. The tractor runs fine and everything works fine to the best of my knowledge. I did notice a small deisel fuel leak at the filter, I beleive its got a cracked fuel filter bowl. Other than that, it runs well, has new gears in the front end rear tires are excellent, front show some wear but still pull great. Has the hydrostatic transmission. Does not have separate draft controls.

    Does have a little damage on the hood frm getting a little too close to the dump trailer, but hood still latches fine.

    Comes with: 2004 CAM Superline 9999 capacity tandem axle trailer. Trailer is in good shape. HAs wooden floor and all of the wood is fine. Also has ramps and brakes. Also has diamond plate toolbox that I installed on the front.

    Other stuff;Tractor is equipped with the Kioti 130 front end loader. FEL works fine. The cutting edge on the bucket is somewhat worn but I have not had any issues with it not performing as expected.

    Comes with Woods 5' boxblade great condition
    PTO-Roto-Tiller 5'
    Howse 4' Bush Hog
    I currently use this tractor but the business is just not that great. I will not separate any of this because if I don't sell, I will need it to work.

    If you have any questions, let me know. Not sure what the rules are about phone numbers.
    I am located in Kill Devil Hills NC.
    I am asking 14,000 but I am willing to negotiate .


  2. OBXTractor

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    Bump Bump !!
  3. TriPLandscaping

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    I'm kinda intrested. Do you know the lift capacity for the front end loader
  4. procut

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    I wish you were closer. I've been tractor shopping a little lately, and that seems like a heck of a deal considering it coes with a trailer and all those attachments. How many HP and whats the hours.
  5. OBXTractor

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    30 Horsepower. I beleive the lift capacity of the loader is 1400 lbs. You can check out the Kioti site for detailed specs. Nothing has really changed on these I don't beleive. As of yesterday, it had 338 hrs.
  6. Borsenik9

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    I have one,a nd use it for all of my landscaping installs and love it (also in mid michigan)
  7. Bert's Landscaping

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    OBX I want to get your setup. Call me 252 341 1099 my name is Curt. I would like to come Friday morning if possible. I also sent you a PM.
  8. Bert's Landscaping

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    I'm sorry no PM sent. I didn't know this site didn't do that. Call me ASAP. I need to get some information so I can get the tractor.
  9. Michael J. Donovan

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    you need to be a member for at least 10 Days and have at least 10 Posts in order to have PM access
  10. Bert's Landscaping

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    Does anybody know how to get in touch with OBXtractor?

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