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    How good are Kioti tractors?I've read the posts at and guys seem to be happy with them but they also seem to be private owners not doing commercial work(as a whole),how do they hold up to evry day commercial use?
  2. lawnspecialties

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    They are an exceptional value. I have a co-firefighter who farms with his DK50 and he swears by it. I love my New Holland but seriously considered Kioti when looking tractors the last time. My closest Kioti dealer is a jerk so that pretty much ruled them out. I did drive about 40 miles to the next dealer and checked out a CK30 and liked it a lot.

    I'll put it this way. It's the best orange tractor out there IMO.:)
  3. Borsenik9

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    I have a CK30 hydrostatic 30 hp 4wd with a loader, backhoe, tiller, tr3 rake, and pulverizer. I love it. We do landscape installation and I have turf tires on it to not tear up turf and it still gets great traction. Paid just over 20,000 for it with the bh and use it about every day. Kubota makes a nice tractor, but with very similar specs would spend about 2k more and have 2 year instead of 4 year warranty, JD is MUCH more expensive, and new holland is just about as expensive. Best bang for the buck in my opnion, and the best investment I've made.
  4. cutbetterthanyou

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    I don't have one but my grandfather has one ( the biggest one they make w/ the cab ). And if it can hold up to him trust me it can hold up to anyone. He has had it about a year no problems, exept the power steering. It was a recall on it. He has already beat it all up, riped the mirriors off on trees and everything its ashame really
  5. ulbhunter

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    Love my DK65. It is extremely reliable, tough, and I use mine commercially and also at the farm. Everyone that has ran mine has said that they are impressed with the features and quality.
  6. Supertiger

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    Ive got 600+ hours of comercial bushhogging on my Cub Cedet or better known as DK40, and it been perfect and most of all its less expensive than the other brands.

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