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Knocking on doors


LawnSite Senior Member
Indianapolis, In
Was wondering if u guys ever just knock on doors of people's yards u see that obviously are over due for a cut. In case perhaps their mower broke or they are sick.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Northern VA
Just be decent about it. I let my yard go three weeks without mowing (hey, I was making money elsewhere) and a 13 year-old kid knocks on the door. Says "hey mister, do you need your grass cut?" When I said no, it's under control, he looks around at the seedheads waving in the breeze and says "You sure about that?" Punk.


LawnSite Fanatic
McKees Rocks, PA
I have never knocked on doors and flyers never work for me it os always word of mouth but I know a guy that would go and talk to homeowners when he saw them cutting their grass and he did get some lawns like that


LawnSite Member
Massillon, OH
I would just leave a doorhanger instead of knocking. There's something about knocking on my door that really bothers me. Maybe because usually when it happens they look like a hillbilly carrying around an ELECTRIC power washer in a Fisher Price wagon. :rolleyes:


LawnSite Member
Orlando, Fl
I handled a client of mine today in a neighborhood where I want more customers...

When I finished I walked and knocked on 3 doors ALL within 5 houses of my client. Left a flyer/estimate with each of them. 1 had a 12 or 13 year old girl answer the door and when I asked if her mom or dad was home she gave me this look like she wanted to hurt me before saying "that's none of your business a-hole" and literally slammed the door and locked it quickly.

I was shocked but left the estiamte anyways.