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    Hi All

    I'm going to begin maintaining the local high school football field after the season this year. It has a major knotweed issue, typically down the middle of the field, between the hashes where most of the traffic occurs. Anyway, have never really dealt with it before. Looking for tips or suggestions. I have read spraying in the fall, a pre-e in the spring followed by another spray late spring and early summer. What products have you used effectively on knotweed, Triplett, Tri-Mec ... 24D?

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    Once it emerges, you need an "ester" hericide like Speedzone or Chaser ester to kill it. It can be prevented with pre-emergent products (Barricade, Dimension, etc). On home lawns, it's most common along the curbs & driveways. Short mowing also promotes it. So you might consider core aeration 1,2, or 3 times when ever you can fit it in the schedule without interfereing with the football season. Thick turf is what you need, cuz it prefers thin turf.
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    Tri-Mec Plus at the very least. 2,4d is like candy anymore.

    I've had great successs on prostrate knotweed by using grazon, but it's restricted use as it contains tordon. Milestone is another good one.

    You'll need to make sure no trees are close by where run-off could carry the tordon to them.

    And double-check the label. May not be labeled for public use areas. Then again, if you spray after school's out for the summer and before they're back in session, maybe it's not a public use area?

    Don't know...

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