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Know any Turf Equipment Sites?

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Hi -
I have turf equipment issues from time to time and am looking for a site like this that deals with turf equipment ( Jacobsen, Toro - gang mowers etc. )
Any ideas would be appreciated.
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What type of problems are you having? I run a 9 hole golf course and deal with problems all the time let me know what your problems are and maybe I can help.
My older Greensking IV doesn't have adjustable rear rollers. If yours does you need to make sure to use a height gauge with 2 screws on it, one lips the front of the bed knife, the other touches the bottom rear of the bedknife. If you set the front and back screws of the height gauge to fit one side of your cutting unit then just use the height gauge to set the rest. Hope this doesn't have you confused. As you adjust your rear rollers you might have to adjust the front rollers too. Post more ? if this doesn't help.
What type of adjustment does your rear rollers have. Mine have just 2 sets of holes a lower hole and an upper hole which all of mine are set in the lower set of holes. if yours are like this then you are adjusting you reel height correct just use a single screw height gauge.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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