Know how a Edger jumps about a foot high when ya hit a rough spot in the concrete ...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bluesteel, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. … It will do the same thing when you run it up against the head of a hard-charging German Shepherd. So when things get real, be prepared to pull it down at a rapid rate if you have to make a quick second (or third) pass.

    That’s exactly what I did, however the first pass was sufficient to re-format that dawg’s hard-drive. The customer’s daughters let that Dern-Fool Dawg out and gave it the chance it had waiting for all season. I wear Motorcycle Goggles that block some of my peripheral vision, so with my head down, all saw was a fleeting glimpse of a large white object coming fast and low at 10 O’clock about 3 feet away. No barking, this dawg wanted action.

    I was already on alert status due to an earlier sighting of three highly active hornets. There wasn’t even time to say NO! In the blink of an eye, I whipped that edger-head across my body and felt that Stihl FC85 Edger/Dawg-Whacker jump about a foot. So I knew there was solid contact. Then I felt myself recovering from that jump and moving for another pass before there was time to think. It was one of those classic slow-motion deals that actually only took a few seconds.

    While I was at the ready for more action, that White German Shepherd was moving away at a rapid (albeit skewed) gait. It’s head was cocked down and twisted to the right, so I thought it might have been hit in the eye. It tried to yelp, but I got the distinct impression there were immense waves of pain coursing through its head. So as it weaved a crooked path back across the open yard to a familiar refuge, the dawg was making some VERY weird noises.

    I started to continue working, but I thought that MIGHT seem a little cold, hehe. So I left the engine running on my trusty Dawg-Whacker and went to see if it lost an eye. No eye damage, but I did put something on that dawg’s head that Ajax won’t take off. Last I saw, they were taking “Sugar” to the Vet for stitches, but it’ll be lucky if it doesn’t have a cracked head-bone.

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE dogs. Maybe it’s the Chinaman in me, hehe. Just kidding, because I don’t like to hurt animals. Never the less, when they attack, for ANY reason, I will use (and do) anything to turn the tables. Of all the dogs I’ve been around, I’ve NEVER seen a stable White German Shepherd. Seems like I heard something about a lot of in-breeding with those things.

    I know I’m fortunate not to have had my back turned (or running the blower) when that crazed dog made its move, but I had made my mind up a long time ago about this circumstance (should it arise). No thinking, no time, it was all pure reaction. That customer is lucky in many ways. I don’t have to go to the hospital. And they know for sure that they have a dangerous animal before it actually hurts someone. Though I doubt this will be enough of a warning for them to take appropriate action.

    I might have to change my call-sign to “Dawg Smack.”
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    Hey Blue,

    I have the same probs with two customers. I love animals as well and would want my dog to be the same way with strangers as he is. But I have found that keeping a box of dog biscuits on the truck workd wonders.

    Both customers and dogs are happy. The dogs are actually happy to see me now.

    Both customers want me to wait for them to mow becuase of thier dogs and are in awe of why the dogs like me when they FINALLY show up.
  3. Good advice. That thought occurred to me as I was leaving. But EVERY other dog loves me, so I usually don’t have to worry about it. This dog supposedly, “doesn’t like men.” A real b-itch. It's always locked up in the house when a man comes over. I will try the biscuit thing though. Easy, cheap, and effective. Cool
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    Read your profile and thought you may be interested. I saw this at a local country store.

    "Land of the free.... BECAUSE..... of the Brave"

    One of those things you cannot forget. Ya Know.

  5. AWESOME, that is truly awesome. Duely edited...
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    Curiously wondering where you are from..

    And I thought you may like that. I certainly did.

  7. Oklahoma, pretty dusty and hot. Lawns are drying up bad.
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    Bluesteel, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
    Learned long ago that when an animal attacks, all your options are removed but one, survival.
    Love dogs too, but if they get the idea I'm food, it's time to change their mind.

    You've got to post something when you work that yard again, will Sugar show her face? Tune in next time for the adventures of Bluesteel and Dawg Wacker, episode II.
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    dont try it with a blower it doesnt work i got bit a couple of months ago string trimmer will send them running I havnt edged one yet though
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