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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by clc2003, Apr 29, 2005.

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    As Dr.Kopec said at U of A "...and Moses said, Oh Pharoh just let my people mow!" :p

    Need to cut more often like previously mentioned if the othe rlawns are turning out good. All the mechanical things should be checked as well but from the sound of it you more than likely have looked at all that before you asked.
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    thanx again for all the input. I think I figured out the problem, it was a belt slipping causing the grass to be knocked down instead of being cut. I also sharpened the blades and that also improved the looks of things, even though my other properties looked good imo. Glad to know there is people out there that will take time to help out others when they are in a bind. I will definately be keeping an eye on these customers though. The son just had some tree work done and bushes removed and he didn't even let me know about it. :angry: I guess that I wont be doing any favors for them in the future. And as far as that goes, I guess I dont feel like I have to be loyal to there family business either :D
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    Their is a veteran poster own here named olderthandirt, you need to read his post posted a good while back called "do you really care about your customer, the customer aint your friend"! and you need to read it several times and take heed. It took me a long time to learn it the hard way. Good luck to you! Do NOT let the customer dicate when/how to mow, Its good to listen and be polite but in the end it is YOUR biz and you run it or it will run/ruin you!
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    Are you the one doing the cutting? It seems like you would have seen that the quality was lacking while doing the job. But you said you had to go back and see if he had a valid complaint.

    I can't believe you left the lawn thinking it was OK and then went back to confirm it wasn't. This makes me believe your tires are pushing the grass down and sometime after you leave the grass is popping back up. Try super duper high lift blades. Are you sure your mower is leaving a nice cut on the other properties?
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    Louise is a cutie ! :drinkup:
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    or it could be that the ground is uneven and i had a customer who once had a lawn car biz. talked all kinds of crap towards me i was being very nice all the time toward him. one day he was hotheaded he thought i scalped his lawn! so i said " if your not satisfied with your services i suggest you switch to another service." He said grab your S*it and go! and off i went!! yeeeehaaa!!!!!!! :blob3:

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