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    ok i am taking the test to get certified to do the weed control but the question now is how do i get the knowledge needed to do this(i am still learning all of this)
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    Agriculture Ext. Agency should have info for you. Call them.
  3. State dept. of agriculture. If they handle tests and lisc. then they should be able to help you get info.
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    Your State Dept. of Agriculture Extension Service will have information on where you can get study material. One of the State Universities will have classes you can attend. Check out your Dept. of Agriculture web-site, there may be links and information on resources there. JD
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    I do not know the specific regulations for Utah, but I am currently going down the certification path for Texas. I ordered the study materials from the extension service and recieved them earlier in the week. It consists of about 4 books: one general pest control (including federal regulations), one for weed identifying, one for Texas state laws and regulations, and one specifically for Turf and ornamentals. They do have couses available, but it is not required, so I will do the self-study method. In addition to passing the test, you need to have proof of financial responsibility (insurance), and obtain a nurseryman's liscence ($60 sent to Austin), then send all your paperwork to Austin, including the required monetary contribution, and they will send you your licence.
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    im still waiting for my lic its been 4 weeks since i sent everything in
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    Hickman, I went to dept of ag and they provided me with the study materials. 3 books n/c. License fee is $67.00 and the test takes about 2-3 hours if I remember corectly. Email me if you have any questions.


    PS. It's nice to see another Utah cutter here:D
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    You can study all the books you find, and surf all the web sites, and pass your tests. But you will never have all the knowledge, because there is constant change in everything. Find the lawn care and/or turf association for your state, join and attend their seminars and field days. If none in your state, look in adjoining states, and even attend other turf and pesticide conferences on a regional and national level.

    Our licensing in IN requires continuing education credits to keep your license, and our state lawn care assn usually gets us credits for major seminars elsewhere in the country.

    In our state and some others, the cooperative extension service is a great source of info. You'll never know it all, best to learn where to go for the current answers.

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