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Congrats to me for my 1000th post.

I would put the 1000th post beside my birthday, my childrens birth, my wedding date, and the first time I made love to a woman in the back seat of my fathers van.
(I know that i will probably get in trouble for that last line, if you delete it, I undestand)

But I have enjoyed every minute of my day reading and writing reponses. I want to thank everybody for providing me with great knowledge, and I want to thank those that provided me with worthless knowledge in the LCO profession. Without that worthless knowledge, I wouldn't think of myself as being 10 times better off than them.
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WTG !!!!

So, you takin us all out to lunch? ;)
let me get back to you on that:D
Congratulations on you 1000th post. That's like a ballplayer hitting his 500th homer!! All kidding aside, I've been on this site for about 2 months and the things learned have been invaluable and some of those things have come directly from your posts. Hope your around for another 1000.
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