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Knoxville TN area - NEED LAWN MOWED!


LawnSite Member
Knoxville, TN
:help: My ex was a landscaper, so our lawn always looked perfect. Now he's gone and I need the lawn mowed! I am thinking 'mow-n-go' until the end of the season.... The lawn hasn't been mowed in a month (fortunately we live in a shady area so it's not bad, but it's getting there...)

Additionally, I will be putting the house up for sale early next year so I'll need mulch etc.

Pellissippi Parkway. 1 1/4 mile from Topside Road exit on Wrights Ferry Road (towards Penninsula Hospital).

Please send email to jawallac27@gmail.com or call 865-235-7073 evenings or anytime weekends.