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Taken from "Knuckelheads in the News"

In Wuerzburg, Germany, two men tried to pull off an insurance scam with a chainsaw. One of them, a landscape gardener, held onto a cutting board while the other guy, a trucker, sawed off his thumb and index finger. Then they threw the fingers away and filed claims with two different insurance companies. Unfortunately, they couldn't keep their mouths shut, and when one of them blabbed about it to a friend, the friend called the cops, who arrested both men for insurance fraud. The eight-fingered gardener was sentenced to eighteen months probation, but because the chainsaw-wielding trucker had a prior criminal record, he got a year and half in jail.
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Eighteen months and a year and a half are the same amount of time wether you have a prior conviction or not. Never the less the gardner got screwed out of two fingers. Just my thoughts. good night.
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