Kohler 12.5 Command Engine

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Dbaty, May 21, 2005.

  1. Dbaty

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    The battery on my Cub Cadet is not taking a charge so is it safe to say the charger is not working? I did check for voltage on the positive side going to the battery and its dead. If so how hard is it to change it and where is it located? I have never torn into a Kohler Engine before.
  2. mikemerritt

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    The charging stator is under the flywheel. There is a wire coming out of it through a hole in the blower housing that will go to the center post on the rectifier/regulator which is mounted on the blower housing. Pull the center wire and check your voltage there. If you have power there you may look to replace the rectifier.

  3. Redneckn

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    You may or may not have a rectifier (regulator) on the engine. all kind of depends. do you know the model number of you engine?
    if it does have the rectifier, it should have 28+ vAC between the 2 white wires. If the battery is just completely dead, it will not excite the charge system. therefore, no charge showing.

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