Kohler 14 valve lifters problem?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by VLM, Jun 15, 2001.

  1. VLM

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    2 weeks ago I changed the oil on my 14 hp Command Kohler. I used wd40 which was apparently a big mistake. The engine backfired while it was running and from that point on it stalls when in full throttle or under heavy load. I can still use it at about 75% throttle. My mechanic told me the valve lifters are messed up and he wants $250 to replace them. I ran a search on kohlers and found countless threads with the same problem, but most thought it was a fuel problem. What do you all think? Is that a fair price?
  2. Jman

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    What did you put wd40 on to cause this trouble. Normally valve lifters cause noise problems not run ability troubles. The only time they could cause run ability troubles if you have too heavy an oil in the engine, such as 15-40 or something similar. This causes too much oil pressure and will hold the valves off the seat and will not seal. It sounds more like carb troubles or a sheared flywheel key when the backfire occured.
  3. VLM

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    I meant to say 10w40 oil. Whooops!

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