Kohler 20 hp question.

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ts923, May 10, 2008.

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    Hello all, Brand new to forum, glad I found it! I have an Ariens GT20 I bought back in '98 for my 6 acre lot ( 3 1/2 + and increasing each year of mowable area :laugh:). I'm having an issue this year getting it started and my lawn is growing very fast m ( haven't cut it yet :eek:) I thought it might had been the battery so it was replaced ( under warranty no cost.) Then I heard a Clicking sound when I turned the key so I replaced the solenoid, not the fix. I then figured it might be the ignition switch, (working on troubleshooting that now.) In the meantime I am able to turn the engine over by jumping the solenoid with the positive cable from the battery. It will crank over just fine but won't start. Upon further looking into this I noticed it's getting gas but no spark. Here is my dilemma. It is hard to access the ignition coil on this unit. It is behind a couple of access panels. I went to Ariens site and looked at a parts blowup and they don't even show the coil. I even did a web search to no avail. Does this model even have a coil? If not how does the spark get generated? I followed the spark plug wires (2) to the panel, so I'm thinking it's located behind that. Any help would be appreciated. It is an Ariens GT20 garden tractor with a 60'' deck and a Kohler 20 hp engine (twin cylinder). Thank you.
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    Thanks. I didn't know I could post there so I did it in the Homeowner's section. I will post that question there.

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