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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by CrewCut, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. CrewCut

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    Lets see I have a 20hp kohler command pro from a Walker model mt from 1995 it has just over 3000 hrs on it was rebulit about 500 hrs ago, the problem I am having is that it won't stay running, I replaced the fuel pump, spark plugs, fuel filter and replaced and gave the carb a overhaul, this was after the engine would fire but will only stay running for a few seconds, acting as if it wasn't getting any fuel, after doing all the repairs it still continues to only run for a few seconds, but if I hold the choke in from the top it will idle and not shut off but if you try to put the throttle in it will also then shut off,
    any answers will help, I priced a new carburetor and it topped out at 200.00 so maybe I can avoid this one
  2. bwiesner

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    Try checking the fuel shut off solenoid. Turn the witch off and on and listen for it to click. It is on the bottom of the carb. and has one or maybe two wires running to it. You can reach in and touch it while turning the switch off and on and if it works you can feel it click in and out. Some mowers have a wire that runs from the switch that operates it while you are cranking the engine over and then the other system takes over when you release the switch. You may have a good solenoid but a bad connection on the running side of the switch or a bad switch. Later Butch
  3. CrewCut

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    You can hear and feel the fuel solenoid going on when it cranks, just don't know what else to look for
  4. Richard Martin

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    Check the throttle shaft where it goes through the carb. Most likely the shaft or the holes it goes through are worn out. 3,000 hours is about the time they start wearing out.
  5. bwiesner

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    Don't try to crank it just turn the switch on and off and see if the fuel solenoid clicks in and out. This is the running circuit , and if it doesn't work then it is in that circuit of the switch. Later Butch
  6. CrewCut

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    Turns out that the fuel solenoid will click when the jumper is off the starter, so then I just ran a hot wire to the solenoid with the switch and the damn thing started right up, but now it sounds like a harley, no matter what I adjust it still sounds like a harley, I think the governor linkage needs to be adjusted, I just don't know whats okay to move around, I don't want to take it apart and not be able to put it back together,did that one to many times.
  7. Jman

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    There is a red wire that feeds voltage to that solenoid. If you trace the wire back into the harness you will see two wires come together and connect to that one. If you keep going further down those two wires you will find a diode in each wire. If the diode has gone bad or your ignition switch terminal that feeds that wire has gone bad you will get the problem that you have. As far as the Harley sound that could be caused by foulded plugs. They may have fouled from running it with the choke on as you had to do when your problem first developed.
  8. Pelican

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    I'm having exactly the same problem as Crew Cut with the 20hp Kohler on a Skag SWZ. I verified that the solenoid works for a few seconds in the on position but then cuts out. If you leave the machine sit a few minutes, it's almost like a breaker resets and the cycle starts again, run a few seconds, then off.

    I pulled the plunger out of the solenoid to get the job done, but the engine's running at reduced power. Do I need to pull the engine cover to find this diode you speak of or can you tell me where it might be located?

    Would anyone know which wire on the ignition switch might power this solenoid? Thanks!

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