kohler 25hp command valve adjustment?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mdff17, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. mdff17

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    Does anyone know the procedure and specs for adjusting the valves on a 25hp kohler. I assume they are hyd. lifters so it should be pretty simple but I don;t know the specs. any help would be appretiated. THANKS
  2. green acres lawns

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    Hydralic lifters don't need adjusted unless your reassembling the engine for some reason. My 20 hp kohler has 1600 hrs on it and has never had a wrench on it except to change the oil and filter and service the starter linkage.
  3. ed2hess

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    I assume you are wanting to adjust the valves because you hear valve noise. Put a little SEAFOAM in the oil, it made our noise on our Kohler 25HP go away. I think I remember our local mechanic telling me that the lifter do fail and need to be replaced.
  4. fixer67

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    Try changing the oil. Kohler hydraulic lifters are meant to use 10w-30 engine oil. If you use SAE 30 like you would in a Briggs or such the lifters make so much noise it will sound like they are going to jump right out of the engine. Real old and burn oil or cheap oil will do the same. Change the oil and filter and use a good name brand 10w-30 oil and see how it sounds then. And there is a very special way to changing the hydraulic lifters and if it is not done just right you will bend the push rods as soon as you start it up. If you have not done this before let someone else do it that knows what they are doing.
  5. bigmower1

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    You really can't adjust the valves on a 25 hp kohler, because they use hydrolic lifters and there isn't any tapit adjusters to adjust. If the motor is making a tapping noise, it could be a bent rod, or valve caused by a back fire, or worn lifters. Make sure also that the hammers aren't loose either and torked at the right amount. It could possibly be piston slap , which means it needs new rings, but probably just what I said about the valves.
  6. jkason

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    If this an older mower (not made within the last two years or so), they are going to "clack" no matter what you do. Nature of the Beast.

    You can get new, updated lifters installed, but it's not really necessary. (They just made the pump-up hole slightly bigger.)

    Use a good 10W-30 oil and forget it.
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    This thread is almost 3 yrs. old.....;)

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