Kohler 25hp starving for fuel,

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Luvs2Play, Aug 15, 2006.

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    CV25, two years old with 950 hours just all of the sudden started running lean, can keep it running with the choke full on long enough to get back to the trailer. let it sit for a couple minutes it starts and runs fine for maybe three minutes and starts all over again. Changed the fuel filter and it ran fine for one day, then started running crappy again. When it starts running bad, I can unplug the fuel line from the pump, plug it for a couple seconds and it starts running good again without shutting the engine down. Plug the fuel line back in while it's still running and it's fine for another three minutes. The fuel filter does not fill very fast. Cannot feel much suction from the fuel pump, but it's the same on other engines too. The screen in the tank is not plugged either. Any help would be very much appreciated.
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    hello, check 4 vacumn leak where inlet manifold bolts to cylinder head.Spray ether[carb cleaner] around this area will change the rpm of engine if leak exists.Caution as spray is flammable , conduct only on warm engine only. TOMO
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    loosen up the fuel shut off solenoid at the bottom of the carb. see if any water comes out. if no water then remove carb, clean and blow out. if water - drain until gas runs out then see if it runs.
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    Thanks for the help. After checking and cleaning the carb. Same problem returns. Changed fuel filter and fuel pump, filled it up with gas, same problem again. After running for a few minutes this morning, it started acting up again, loosened the gas cap, found the vent was plugged, not letting air into the tank. Never had this happen on anything but a 2 cycle before. Cleaned the vent and the problem went away.
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