Kohler 27hp, hard to get to the oil filler.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jason Rose, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Jason Rose

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    Anyone else have problems getting your fingers around their filler dipstick to unscrew them? Mine is a PITA to say the least. There's hardly 1/2 an inch front or back of it and its down under the Donaldson filter can somewhat plus is about 2" below the top of the muffler heat shield! I can only get about 3 fingers on it and if it's too tight I have to fight and fight it. Was cold today and my fingers didn't want to work!

    Who the heck engineered this anyway? It's also difficult to add oil too, funnel dosn't even fit in there right.

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  2. Scagguy

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    Got one on my Lazer HP. No problem to get to it. Don't have a solution to get it off, but adding oil is not a problem. You can find at the parts store a cap that fits on the end of any 1 qt. oil bottle that has a 12" hose attached to it. Works for me.
  3. CuttingEdge LLC

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    I have the Kohler Com. 20 on my GH and mine too is a pita. The best thing I can recommend is using a pair of channel locks to bust it loose, and when adding oil find something to hold the funnel in place. This is what I do and it doesn't take up much time at all.
  4. Jason Rose

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    Well I guess i must have bad fingers or something, lol. (I do have rhumetoid arthritis, am being treated, but maybe my fingers are a little stiffer sometimes that I realize.) I thought about channel locks or the like, but I didn't want to fooch up the top of the cap... Guess I will suck it up and start doing some finger excersizes.

    As for adding oil, well that's usually just because I add oil when it's on the trailer and the funnel is in the garage. I can hit the hole, but it's just not all that convienent.
  5. GreenT

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  7. puppypaws

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    My Hustler Super Z has the 28 efi which is just the 27 fuel injected, I walk up reach down and screw the dipstick loose, pull it up while a paper towel is wiping it clean in one motion. I stick it down until it is stopped by the cap pull it back out and check the oil in a matter of probably 20 seconds from start to finish. Now if I need to add a little oil, I raise the seat up and can pour it directly from a quart bottle into the filler tube with no problem of funnels or any device to direct it into the engine.

    The only way I see for it to get any easier than that is if someone else does the work instead of me.

    I have arthritis in my hands also.
  8. mattfromNY

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    I have the perfect solution. I have my employee do it. Constantly hear him complaining about how hard it is to get to, and the funnel wont fit, etc. though, so I guess I have the same problem on my Ferris IS2000. He says it acts like the threads are crossed, b/c it turns so hard. ?!?
  9. TLS

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    No problem on mine, however like Puppypaws, ours are vertical shafts mounted sideways. I guess I'll just mark it up as one more good reason to use a Hustler.
  10. GreenT

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    Note to self: set appointment with eye doctor, need to get new prescription.


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