Kohler 29 hp ECV 749 wont start/ fuel issues

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Mercedes Lawn Care, Feb 10, 2019.

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    I have a Snapper Pro S200XT with a Kohler ECV749 29hp with about 230 hours on the clock. I had the same symptom last august, it wouldn't restart after mowing for about an hour no problem. I noticed the fuel filter was empty, so I changed that and the spark plugs, still no fuel flowing. I let it sit over night messed with it and got it to run and did fine the rest of the season. Fast forward to last week, I pulled it out of the shop and let it run for about 20 minutes(because it had a fairly loud tick like a loose lifter), and it died and emptied the filter again and would restart. It smelled like it was flooded from trying to restart it, so I let it sit overnight. Tried again next day and no luck however the filter filled 1/3 of the way with fuel on its own over night. I did replace the HIPA Fuel Pump 24 393 04-S fuel pump and filter (but not the main electric fuel pump) since it seemed to me like it had a vacuum issue. I am still not getting fuel to the filter even after that and a new fuel filter. I can hear the electric fuel pump turn on like normal. I did check the mil indicator light and it is showing 10 3 3 7 6 1. So if you go by the 0337 it is indicating the crank position sensor. I originally was thinking it is the electric fuel pump(easy $150+) but hate to throw parts at it with a code indicating a crank sensor. Now I am looking up that sensor and it is as if it isn't to be found in any parts schematic? I am also leery about this being the issue unless it can send mixed signals for the fuel issue? Any help in the right direction is greatly appreciated.
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    The crank sensor sends signals to the ECU. If the crank sensor or associated wiring is defective, the engine will not run. Here is a link to the service manual. You need to determine if you have the ECV or Bosch EFI system. Once that is determined, go to that section and become familiar with the system. There are instructions on how to test the crankshaft sensor as well as other components as required. Read the troubleshooting section as well and test components as per the manual
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    Thanks for the reply! It appears to be ECV fuel system. Hopefully I will have a chance to tear into this evening

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