Kohler 30hp vs 28hp-efi - Hustler Z

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by jcltyson, Mar 28, 2006.

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    I'm seriously considering a Hustler Super Z - 72" XR-7 deck with flex forks. I noticed in the specs the 30hp & 28hp efi carry the same specs (mainly torque @ 44.8). Can anyone give me both MSRP's for this package with either engine option?
    I know the efi model is higher (don't know how much) but why? The engine combo is 2 hp less with the same torque rating. What gives? Where will the electronic fuel injection payoff and will it pay off for the additional cost?

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    Super Z, 28HP Kohler EFI / 72" XR7, SUSP seat. SZ28KOHEFI72XR7SSA (928036) $11,699
    Super Z, 30HP Kohler / 72" XR7, SUSP seat SZ30KOH72XR7SSA (928069) $10,749

    The EFI is more expensive due to the components / technology.
    The EFI is more fuel efficient and will save you some good money on fuel.
    You will find the EFI to be more responsive and more of a on demand type power band, where the carb model has the power it just is not as quick to deliver it.
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    Just to let you know jcltyson,

    The specs for the 30hp Kohler are incorrect. The torque should read 47.1 lb/ft.
    The 30hp Kohler is also a larger engine than the other Kohlers. It is a 747cc engine while the 27 and 28 are 725cc's.

    I have yet to demo a 30hp Kohler, but 2.3lb/ft is a LOT more power. The 30hp Kohler Super Z's are cheaper than the EFI's as well.

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