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    Ok I need some help here Im not familiar with how the governor works on these motors. The motor runs at extremely high rpms, then surges and dies after 30 sec. Wont idle at all. I figure I either have a carb problem or something is wrong with the governor.

    Kohler CV14 Command Pro On a 48 Snapper Hydro
    Help Is Appreciated
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    Basic governor systems work like this:

    1. There is a governor gear in the engine that has weight attached. These weights move away from the center of the gear when the engine speeds up(centrifical force). As the weights move out they also push a rod or a cap against the lever on the governor shaft(internal).

    2. The governor shaft extends through the case.

    3. The governor arm attaches to the governor shaft. To this arm is attached the carb linkage and usally the governor spring. Adjustment to the governor are made here. Loosen the clampping bolt on the governor arm. Manually push the governor arm to full throttle(watch linkage to carb). Using a screwdriver twist the governor shaft(slot on end governor shaft) in the same direction to cause the governor arm to go to full throttle. Do not force it, you will feel it remove any free play in the linkage to the governor gear. Tighten the clampping bolt and release the governor arm.

    4. The governor spring keeps tension on the governor arm to accerate the engine to full throttle. It also determines how much force is needed to be applied by the governor to slow the engine down to maintain correct engine speed, with out overspeeding the engine.

    Normally engines do not have problems with the governors, unless they are older engines. I would take a quick look at the governor, but look more to a carb or throttle linkage problem. Make sure linkages move freely and are not getting hung up on something.
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    FLM Mower

    We just got our Snapper Pro Hydro 48 out of the shop for a problem with our Kohler 15 HP. THe hourmeter on the machine was at 193 hours.

    Problem was that engine was slowly but surely losing power/rpms. Finally, the engine would barely idle.

    Took it in...they thought it was the cam, then the vavles, etc. etc. etc.

    Finally, they replaced the carb and it ran like a charm. The carb was something like $85, but was covered under warranty.

    Also, there is a problem that we have found with the kill switch. The problem was that after using the mower for a while, and walking away from the machine to pick up trash, the engine would start to make a popping sound. When we walked back to the machine, and push the lever back in, the popping would stop. To determine if your machine has this problem: standing at the controls, look to the right of the handlebars and you will see two sheetmetal screws. These screws hold the kill switch in place. Push the bar forward (the one to keep the machine running when the blades are engaged). If these screws move forward when pressing the bar forward, this is causing the carb to pop/choke out. We drilled a third sheet metal screw to keep the switch (it is grey and has maybe five wires going to it) from moving forward (there is a rod that pushes a button in on the swtich). Anyways...hope this helps...we love the mower except for this cheesy switch...snapper should spend another 50 cents to modify the way it is installed!!!

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    Thanks for your help. I ended up replacing the carb. It it now runs like a dream. My guess is that the butterfly shaft for the throttle was worn and creating too much slop.

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