Kohler CH 26 EFI Will Not Start

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by bthornhill, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Piston Slapper (and a few others) thanks so much for all your sound advice! I finally slowed down and learned to use a VOM. It was a bad neutral safety switch. I hot wired the plug and it fired right up! So, initially it was that the speed sensor was mounted on the wrong cylinder(thanks piston slapper). Apparently, b/t pulling motor out and fixing speed sensor, the neutral switch went bad. Anyway, new long block is purring like a kitten! I still don't understand why shorting the starter would not crank the engine (even with bad neutral switch)..oh well, just need to get a new switch...which will hopefully be cheaper than a new or rebuilding the starter! I do have one other silly question. The new block came with a different oil fill tube and dip stick (it's a screw on type), the old one was just a "push-on". Should oil level be checked by just inserting dip stick or does it need to be screwed in tight?
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    Actually...getting within 20 feet might have made troubleshooting a bit easier..

    In any case...Another satisfied member...
    Glad I could help...:waving:
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    On the oil level just drop 2 quarts of oil and see where the reading is on your dip stick and Gide your self by that. That engine takes 2 quarts empty.

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