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spec # 64694

2005 Walker

fresh rebuild : new rings, lifters, valves, all seals and gaskets

no leaks , no smoke , soot on inside of tailpipe

here's the problem. my guy says that he is adding a qt of oil every 30 mins or so while on the job. I have ran this thing wide open, half throttle and idle for 8 hrs each at a time with and without the blades engaged and I cant get it to use a drop of oil.. :confused:

I have had 2 different operators tell me the exact same thing and I am at a complete loss.. where is the oil goin...?

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I don't know but when you get some time to yourself take a good look underneath
and at the rear frame of the machine, if it's really leaking that kind of oil there
ought to be friggin' petroleum all over the back of the machine, on that note
take a look at the trailer floor boards as well.

Even if it's burning the oil, at that rate it has got to be everywhere...
Just odd, a quart in 1/2 hour is just over an ounce a minute, that has GOT to smoke like crazy...
The only other thing I can figure is your boys are just adding oil because...
Well I don't get it...

Time to find out how they're checking the level.
Just to be sure they're not overfilling it, that's the only possibility I can think of, they keep adding oil and the
poor engine spits it out not knowing what else to do with it but there's trouble waiting to happen like the main seal...

Soot inside the tailpipe leads me to that and it might not be the case but it's the only thing I can figure,
if you can't get it to leak then someone doesn't know how to check it?

Maybe check the spark plug to see if it's fouled.

And not to scare you but I'd get on it right away.

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it sounds like a broken reed valve. check your engine vacuum, also, if the heads werent resurfaced properly, youmight have a leak between the oil drain hole and the cylinder.

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I hope you find the answer. I have had several of those engines on Walker's begin using excessive amounts of oil. It has usually been a problem with the oil rings. They are so thin that a little too much heat and they lost their temper and away goes the oil. I had one using a quart and hour and I didn't see the exhaust looking like black smoke. If I do get a half decent rebuild, I only get about 600 hours before using oil excessively. I have decided only to buy replacement engines rather than do rebuilds. Last time I had a problem was last year. I bought a 23 hp replacement for about $1700. I had i on in a couple of hours and had a warranty to go with it. Sometimes the more expensive route is the best.
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