Kohler Command 12.5

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by cpo1, Aug 31, 2001.

  1. cpo1

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    I have a 12.5 Kohler connected to a Toro ProLine walk-behind. After the last mowing, no fire on next start-up attempt. I changed the spark plug, bypassed the ignition, and still no spark. I presume it might be the magneto assembly. Any ideas or thoughts? Thanks for your replies.

  2. Jman

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    Sounds like the ignition module has failed. Located under the blower housing.
  3. Richard Martin

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    There seems to be a lot of this going around. Perhaps it's a late Y2K thing. In any case the problem is probably the coil.
  4. cpo1

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    Thanks for the replies.


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