kohler command 15hp problem

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jeffex, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. jeffex

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    I make the big mistake of trying to get some more rpm out of my kohler 15 hp. I loosened the bolt on the pin that comes out of the motor that the throttle is connected to. The one that kicks up the rpms under load conditions. Big mistake! now I am having a tough time getting normal fast idle . Is there some trick to adjusting the pin that comes out of the motor. I have loaded the backup mower on the trailer and am ready to take it to the shop but god knows when I'll get it back.
  2. jeffex

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    here is a picture

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    dont worry it is fixable. Yo have to turn the shaft out of the engine one way while pushing the arm one way then tightening the bolt. I am not real sure on the procedure, but i bet if you called some of the kohler shops in your area they cold tell ya how..

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    Snapper, that's as clear as mud.
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    What? I don't understand. Could you clear that up for us?

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    You do not want to adjust engine rpm by messing with that pin coming out of the governor - the smallest adjustment makes too big a difference. The adjustment is done by loosening those 2 torx screws on that throttle plate, and then sliding the plate up or down. The 2 screws are clearly visible in your photo. Set the governor pin back to where it was (w/o the engine running), tighten it and adjust with the plate.

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