kohler command 15hp throttle problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by jeffex, Sep 17, 2003.

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    I made the big mistake of trying to adjust the throttle to get more rpm. The mower seemed to be running slower. I loosened the bolt that tightens the throttle arm on the pin that comes out of the motor. My guess is this pin is designed to increase the throttle under load conditions. It must be VERY sensitive to adjustment because now I have too much throttle and not enough throttle kick up under load. Is there a procedure for setting this throttle to get the proper balance of fast idle and proper throttle increase as you engage the blade and work the motor?

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    Looks like you adjusted the governor, not a good thing. Readjust the governor.
    Loosen the bolt on the governor arm, push arm to cause carb to go to wide open and hold arm in that position. Rotate shaft in same direction to cause carb to go to wide open. Retighten bolt.
    Full throttle speed adjustment is made either by making adjustment on the plate where the throttle cable is attached or adjusting spring tension from the throttle plate to the governor arm. These adjustments will change high engine speed. Do not exceed 3600 RPM.
    Better throttle response is a carb problem. Either the carb needs some adjustment and/or cleaning. For best throttle response open the main fuel enrichment screw a little. Do this with engine running at full throttle until engine starts to bog or blow black smoke. Close screw a little until engine runs smooth and strong. Return engine to idle. You can check throttle response by bumping the governor to full throttle, do not hold at full throttle.
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    Thanks sdwally . Your method is exactly what the shop manual I found online said. http://www.kohlerengines.com/pdf/tp_2339_d.pdf
    I got the thing running better but my rpms were still slow when the blade engaged. This was the original reason I F-ed with the thing. It was my newest Wb so I took it in for service and loaded the backup mower on the trailer.
  4. jeffex

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    turned out to be the governer gear inside the mower fell off. I had to finally take it in for service. I thought it was my fault but the guy told me it could have been the reason I felt I needed to fool with the gov. in the first place. Before he cracked open the motor he thought it would be a gear with broken teeth but it had fallen out of place. He said he had never seen one like this. He got me back in business for $273. That is the first repair money I have spent in 9 yrs on any of the 3 toro walkbehinds I have. I usually am able to fix most things but this one had me.
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    jeffex, thanks for posting the results, it's nice to know info like this. So many post a problem and never a conclusion.

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