kohler command 20 break in help...

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by lx2nv, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. lx2nv

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    I got a new kohler 20 command with about 13 hours on it and every few starts it will burn oil. It usually does it hot but I have seen it do it cold too, sometimes for a minute or two. My question is what do you guys consider to be acceptable oil consumption during a break in. I understand the rings need to seat but how many of you guys seen this before, and when...if will it get better ?
  2. Jason Rose

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    double check your oil level, DO NOT thread the dipstick in to check the oil level, just let the cap sit on the top and pull back out. If mine (25hp) is overfull by even 2 or 3 ounces I get the big puff of white smoke at start up, but not always.

    I think they all consume some oil in the beginning, more than usual, but you shouldn't be getting smoke if your oil level is ok. I could be wrong though...
  3. Splicer

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    Start/store it on level ground and don't choke it so much...
  4. MowerMedic77

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    I had a replacement engine on a Great Dane that smoked at start up and the (Customer wanted to run Synthetic oil) The Kohler Rep. for my area told me that It may do that(smoke) on break in and not to convert to any synthetic oils until at least 300hr of break in time.
  5. lx2nv

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    Thanks for the replies fellas. I dont run synthetic and its not overfilled either. When you spend thousands of dollars you dont want to see any smoke. Im almost certain its blow by from the rings not being seated...the brether hose is damp with oil. I cant believe that after 15 hours theyre not seated yet.
  6. khouse

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    I personaly think that 50 hours is when you can run synthetic oils. That Kohler rep saying 300 hours is too high.
  7. thecrankshaft

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    Check out the owner's manuals. Kohler recommends at least 50 hours for break in time before synthetic oil may be used.
  8. freddyc

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    Not sure about the brake-in period, but if everythings ok (no overfill, ...) then I can't imagine that 15 hrs shouldn't have done it.

    Did you run it at full rpm from the very start??

    I have a 20hp command with a million hrs on it (seems like it). When I got it, there was a ton of oil coming up the beather tube. Engine never smoked but the air cleaner was covered after 5 min of running.

    Long story short, I put a small amount of mystery oil in it and no more oil out the breather after a few more hours of running. I think the rings were stuck from lack of previous use, but the thing runs like a champ now.

    Using a motorcycle as a guide, they say 300-500 miles breakin at no more than 3000 rpm. Thats not that far from your 15 hours.

    Give it a few more hours, then talk to the guy who you got it from. What do the plugs look like??Are they fouling out at all?? If its blowby you should see some evidence. Sure its not a valve guide leaking by on shutdown???

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