Kohler Command 20HP Rebuild

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Mack77, May 14, 2006.

  1. Mack77

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    I'm thinking of having my Kohler Command 20 HP engine rebuilt. The motor is from 1999 and has 2200 hours. What can I expect to pay to have this engine rebuilt professionally, and how reliable would it be?

  2. oldrustycars

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    go to www.smallenginewarehouse.com looks like most are around $1400, get your numbers and you v=can find the one that will work in your application. generally, this is the best way.
  3. MowerMedic77

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    I have to agree with ORC on this one a new engine will probably be the way to go, you can do a short block but remember that just means the base engine will be new you will still be using a 7 year old carb,coils,heads,starter etc, and there is no saying when these items will need to be replaced. And if you are not the one tearing this unit down you will also be paying someone a lot of labor to do this job. If the rest of the mower is in good shape then a new engine is still cheaper then a new mower.
  4. LazerZHP

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    Mack77, I am looking for the same replacement engine ,closest replacement I have found from the engine suppliers has a 1/4" shorter crank .Trying to figure out if it will work.Mine is a vertical shaft.the replacement engines have a 3.5/32 and mine is a 3.41 pto length. I will update you when I get the answer. LazerZHP
  5. aDreamSoReal

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  6. khouse

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    Taking that engine in for a complete rebuild is really too costly. But like as already stated - if you can do it yourself then that's where the saving are for you. If you can't then buying a new engine with a new warranty is less a headache.
  7. Mack77

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    Are the 20HP Kohler's that difficult to work on? I've rebuilt smaller 5HP Brigg's motors without a problem at all. Any special tools needed or tricks to this engine that would help out a novice from the folks who have done this before?

    I've checked out a rebuild kit online and I could pick one up for as little as $150. Just looks like a bunch of gaskets and such. This would be the best bet due to the fact that a new engine is approx $1100 which would make this project unrealistic.

    Thanks for the replies!:waving:

    PS. LazerZHP, good luck with your search...please keep us posted!
  8. Restrorob

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    These engines are no 5 hp Briggs, The first thing I suggest you do is go here;
    http://www.kohlerplus.com/login.asp Click on enter as guest just below the send box then click on service literature, Locate the service manual on your engine and down-load it.
    Read the Tear-down and Inspection sections really close and perform the inspection of parts procedures as explained to make sure your engine is still with-in rebuilding guide lines. If so use the reassembly section to get it back together correctly.

    Good luck
  9. khouse

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    Tell us why you need to rebuild the engine?
    Probably the only thing you will have to do is take your heads into a shop if you don't have the valve and seat cutters. The specialty tools you would need is an inch pound torque wrench and cylinder hone. I have a place here that's called Clark Tool. I bought a S&K torque wrench there for about 30.00 You can pick up a cylinder hone there too - maybe 20.00
  10. aDreamSoReal

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    You'll want a re-ring kit with pistons. New valves will cost about 10 bucks each. You can seat the new valves yourself with valve grinding compound and a basic hand drill.

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