kohler command 27 hp oil consumption

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by irishcreek95, Apr 2, 2013.

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    Irish...buy 2 headgasket kits and 2 reed valves...
    You cant get to the reeds without pulling the heads anyway..
    I replaced a ton of headgaskets on engines with less than 50 hours..
    If you had run your mower like everybody else...300 to 500 hours a year...It would have failed in the warranty period.
    Just for kicks...Call Kohler and explain the low hours and heavy oil usage...
    Ive seen them split the difference on these types of failures many times...
    They warranty the parts...you pay or supply the labor...Its worth a shot...
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    Well that clears things up a bit. They had a mountain of problems when that engine first came out. They did make some changes to the gskt which helped a lot but did not cure it. They might be receptive to a well rehearsed
    request. It couldn't hurt. You work with a good dealer? New gskts with the ring around the combustion chamber are a major improvement.
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    Irishcreek95, Mark with Kohler Engine Service. Please send your engine spec and serial number to us at enginefieldservice@kohler.com so we can learn more and help you out. Thanks.
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    Well there you go. You didn't even have to call them.

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