Kohler Command Hard Starting and Backfire


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Members, I'd greatly appreciate your input on this issue.

I have a early 2000's CH 18 GST Kohler engine that is hard to start. I usually have to crank it 5-10 seconds, three or so times to get it to start. Even if it is warm it takes several cranks to get it to catch. When cold it usually starts on the third round of cranking when I quickly release the choke.

I will occasionally get a backfire during starting and occasionally while it is running. To be honest, the exhaust "stinks" as well and I noted more buildup on one of the plugs than the other.

I just replaced both plugs and cleaned out the carb. Still takes several cranks to start up and it backfired the first attempt. Nothing like my command pro on my grasshopper that starts up immediately.

Thanks again for any help!