Kohler command pro 15 issues

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by margr4v3z, May 15, 2018.

  1. margr4v3z

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    So I think I blew up my engine cause I'm an idiot. I forgot to shut off the fuel over the winter and when I ran it for the first time this past weekend it blew white smoke and shut off. I added oil thinking it was low and ran it again for about 30 seconds and it was smoking a lot then finally died. Sure enough I drained the oil and it was full of gas. Changed the oil and filter and started up for about 10 seconds later it shut off and would no longer start. I thought it might have blew the head gasket but upon taking it apart the head gasket seemed fine and it looks like it messed up the cylinder wall. It had about 55 compression before I tore it apart. My question is, is this motor done or with the cylinder looking like this or could replacing the head gasket help? Don't want to waste anymore time replacing parts that won't help. Thanks!

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  2. Myers Lawn Care

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    Did you get it going?

    I over filled my oil this spring and gunked it up. I finally got it going after about 3 hours of try to start it and burned all the oil off i got in the combustion area.:hammerhead:
  3. margr4v3z

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    No I haven't touched it since I posted this. Was hoping to get some feedback on if it's worth it to try and replace the head gasket or if the cylinder is toast.
  4. wjjones

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    No offense but I have lost trust with Kohler. They aren't what they used to be.
  5. Walker56

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    If you read enough posts here, you will find that no engine manufacturer is what they used to be.
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  6. wjjones

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    Yep, and that sucks we spend good money for these machines, and dont get the quality we should.
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  7. BigFish

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    Well, the damaged part is at/near the top of the stroke, better than midway, no? How deep is it? Hopefully it wont get much worse and could last ya fer quite a while. You can rub a small amount of moly paste/ assy. lube in the spot, might help a bit. Obviously ya don't feel like checking out the rings, so...
    Jes' slap a head gasket on it.
    Oh, yeah...don't ferget to fix the leakin' inlet needle in the carb. Ya may wanna stick a shut-off valve in the fuel line.

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