Kohler Command Pro 15 WON'T START. HELP!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by rrev75, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. rrev75

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    I have spent the last three hours trying to get this blankety blank blank to start and I cant' get anything. It's on a Exmark 32" WB Hydro. I have fuel because it will get the plug wet. I pull the plug and ground it and I have strong spark. It acts like it wants to start but nothing. I have pulled, and pulled, and pulled. It had been hard to start a couple of times out lately but now I get nothing. This is really making me upset since I have a ruptured disk in my back and pulling the cord this much is killing me!!!

    Here is a list of what I have done....

    1. New plug and air filter
    2. Taken off, inspected, and cleaned the carb
    3. Regapped the coil to the magnet as well and cleaned the connections. Gap
    set at .010 inch. When I did this, I checked and the flywheel key is intact
    4. Checked and adjusted valves. They were within .002 of spec to start with.
    5. Took off the ground wire to the coil and tried with it disconnected to bypass the safety switches.

    If anyone can help, PLEASE speak up. I really need this since I'm already busy enough and need this mower. Thanks in advance, Randy
  2. piston slapper

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    Randy....did you remove the flywheel key to inspect it..?
    Make sure there isn't any water in the gas...
    Next step is to check your compression...
    If you have good fuel...good spark...and good compression....and it won't run....
    The timing is prolly off....either sheared flywheel key...or crank gears jumped time..
    Other potential issues...clogged muffler...or stuck ACR...
  3. rrev75

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    I didn't remove the flywheel. I just took all the top apart and sighted down the keyway. Looked dead straight in there. And the coil lines up perfectly with the spot on the flywheel. I was wondering about the ACR. Where is it located? I'm looking at the service manual and can't figure it out
  4. Restrorob

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    It's located on the camshaft gear, If it's faulty a new cam will be in order......
  5. herler

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    I would do some checks that are easy...

    I realize you put a new plug in, but did you gap it .030?

    How is that rubber PCV tube?
    The one that goes from the valve cover to the carburetor / intake.
    If it's corroded or cracking or if you're not sure, replace it.
    May not keep it from starting but it will make the engine run like ****.

    The next thing is with the choke butterfly, I have had it on the CV-15T's when that butterfly closes most of the way but not completely, can't remember what I did to fix it but I recall ...

    Removing the air filter, then...
    While manually activating the throttle, visually inspecting the valve.

    Completely remove the air filter's bottom plastic base (two nuts), once you have a clear view of the carburetor I'd clean all the linkages and springs and everything down there that likes to get all gunked up, again I won't say that will keep it from starting but lets get this one good and done.

    Once that's all nice and clean, re-install that black plastic base, snug it all up good.

    Now to test and see if the choke is working, it helps to simply have someone put their hand over the carb's mouth but if you don't have anyone around you will need to close off that opening somehow while you pull ONCE or twice...

    Shouldn't take more than a pull or two...

    With mine it's always been either the coil, the butterfly choke valve, too wide a gap (or bad) spark plug, PCV tube, something along those lines.
  6. BigFish

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    Couple of things......
    1. It's a woodruff ( half-moon shape ) key, which means it would be pretty hard to see if the key is sheared, since there ain't no visible keyway in the crank, no? I admit, its been a while since I even needed to look at one. I usually just pop the wheel off....
    2. The coil will always line up with the "spot" on the flywheel, no matter what is going on with the key! Its the relationship withe the coil, the "spot" , and the piston position in the bore that counts, no? Hence the key being the "key".
    One way to check the timing is to pull the valve cover, rotate crank till piston is coming up on COMPRESSION stroke and insert a skinny screwdriver in plug hole to check piston position is near TDC. Thats when ya look for the "spot" to line up with the coil. And by " spot" I mean magnet. Right?
    3. The ACR is covered in section 10 p.1 of my saved manual. I'm not sure about a picture though.
    4. Sounds like the choke is workin, but to be sure, I usually unbolt/remove the air filter base and tighten the carb back up using a couple of sockets to space the carb nuts. Then you can check and adjust the choke etc.
  7. rrev75

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    I got it running. I did all the stuff I tried last night and was ready to give up. Loaded it on the trailer this morning and was going to take it to a mechanic but when I got there he has a sign up saying he's closed till Wednesday do to the birth of a child. So I went to work at my full time gig. Got home at lunch, went to unload it off the trailer and put the other equipment on that I needed for the afternoon and decided I'd give it one more try. Pulled twice with the choke, which it never has ever started with the choke, and one without it. Started right up. Puffed alot of black fuel smoke and ran great. Too bad I have a leak from the valve cover. But hey, at least it's running. Not sure what did it or if it was a combo of things or if I just had to get so upset that I was ready to light the damn thing on fire in the street but it's going. Hope it keeps going since I really have no clue which thing did it. Thanks for all the replies of help though. It's frustrating when you don't know what you're missing when you can't get something to start.
  8. herler

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    You may want to take a closer look, I'm sure glad you got it started but a lot of those 15hp Kohlers choke in the same motion as full throttle, choke is just past WOT and pushing the throttle all the way chokes it, you actually have to back off just a little to open the valve to wide open... Just saying, hope you don't think you've never choked it when in reality you've ran it choked thinking it was WOT...?

    If it makes you feel any better I didn't learn the above without going through the exact same thing you just experienced...

    Anyhow, I'm thinking the choke, that's where the problem was...
  9. piston slapper

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    Randy...it looks like you got in touch with your inner mechanic...
    Trust The Power..

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