Kohler Command sp27 (burning oil)

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by emtfire148186, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. emtfire148186

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    Trying to figure out why my exmark is burning oil. It has a horizontal kohler command sp27 with about 1460hrs. I do not have model or serial number. Is burning about a quart every other day. Fouls the plug on the number 1 cylinder. I have to use sandpaper to clean it. Its black wet deposits. It doesn't seem to have the power it use to have. The color of the smoke it a white to light blue. I run sunoco 93 octane.The following repairs were done

    Both head gaskets
    Both ignition coils
    Stator coil
    new cam
    new lifters
    fresh oil change (10-w30)
    new air filter
    new accelerator pump gasket
    new plugs
    sump gasket
    hydro fluid change

    Was told compression test and leak down test were good. Was told rings and cylinders were (OK) any help please...THANKS
  2. groundsmechanic

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    Kohlers have a history of burning oil but a quart every other day is excessive. If your breather system is plugged I believe it could cause excessive consumption. But with that many hours, I would lean toward the rings even though they "said" they were good.

    Based on the work performed, I don't think they had the need to pull the pistons so how could they look at the rings to make sure they were good other than doing a compression and leak down test. If the numbers on the tests were just on the okay side of the minimum, I would still worry.
  3. piston slapper

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    Ive seen these engines routinely go over 3000 hrs.

    Didnt see a REED VALVE on your list of replacement parts.
    Bad reed uses alot of oil.
  4. emtfire148186

    emtfire148186 LawnSite Member
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    I will look into reed valve. Would reeds cause the #1 plug to foul? Is there a way to the cover off and see if its bad?
  5. piston slapper

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    A sticking or broken reed valve will pump oil into the carb thru the rubber hose that comes from the breather plate. It will foul 1 or both sparkplugs.

    How recently was all the work you listed , done?
  6. emtfire148186

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    about 2 weeks ago the work was done, but has been burning oil just this season. Not sure if this was ok to do, but i took off the hose that goes into the carb from the breather with motor running and it has vacuum not pressure. lol not sure it that means anything.
  7. piston slapper

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    Now let me get this straight.....

    Work on engine....2 weeks ago....has been burning oil just this season...

    So what you're telling me is that you did all this work and its still burning oil ?
    You were already there...should have replaced the rings...compression rings may be OK , but your oil rings may be stuck or worn out.

    I know thats not the answer you were looking for....
    Replace the reed valve and breather plate gasket...
    If the reed is not bent or broken, looks like the rings.
  8. emtfire148186

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    yeah go figure...lol... I will replace that this week. Just so im clear. Where are the compression rings? Where would oil rings be? sorry not the best at this. Can this be fixed or do i need a short block?

    And yes all that work and still burning oil. I do notice small amounts of oil around the breather plate. I put my finger on the breather hose when its running and there is vacuum. Is that normal?

    Thanks a lot
  9. piston slapper

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    The piston has 3 rings...the top 2 are for compression...the third is the oil control ring.
    They are replaceable if the cylinder is ok ( see my avatar) (BTW..The pic is of a piston that broke at the oil ring land)

    Get a 24 402 03-s reed valve and a 24 041 67-s breather plate gasket and replace them.
    I've seen a few damaged reed valves....It would cause your problem.

    Vacuum is normal on that hose....dont leave it disconnected
  10. ricky86

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    There is a good possibility that that the hd gskt is leaking. They have to be installed correctly, as in, by the book. There isn't much room for......... "That feels tight". The reed problem hasn't been any where as prevalent as it once was. It will pump oil into the intake tract. You have that condition?

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