Kohler Command Valve Noise

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mikemerritt, May 29, 2003.

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    Update: JD deale has given me the answer from deere. Put 30 wt in and live with it!! Nice!
    Do any of you have an email or phone that will get me to JD customer relations? Dealer is ignoring the fix.
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    the kohler i used to have tapped from day one for nine years so i guess if you can live with the noise it isnt that big of a deal.
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    Guys I read your concerns and to help you better understand the issue of clattering. There are two differtent types, one for single cylinder and one for twin cylinder vertical engines. The singles are a simple fix by changing the push rods from a hollow end to a solid end push rod allowing the lifters to pump up quicker and not bleed down during non run time. The twins are a little more involved in the there was an issue of aireation happening during running. Air would gather into the intake are of the feed hole in the breather chamber located between the cylinders and the lifter would collapse. the kit to repair was a baffle to help separate the air from the fluid and keep it pumped up. An authorized dealer should be aware of this. Hope this helps alleviate some confusion.

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