Kohler Courage to replace Kohler Command

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Chitown King, Sep 9, 2011.

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    I have an older Toro ZTR with a Kohler Command in it. The engine is blown. Can I replace it with a Kohler Courage with little hassle or will I have to get new wire harness and all that?

    I know the Courage isn't as good of an engine, but considering the age of the Toro I really don't want to drop big bucks on an engine. This is my backup I mainly just use for my house anyway.
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    You can put any engine you want on it, Just verify crank size/length and match each wire in the unit harness to the same component on the new engine.....
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    You should be able to find online service manuals for the engine you are looking to replace and what you are looking to buy. And the manuals will probably have diagrams with dimensions and wiring charts so you can have an idea how much trouble you would have fitting the new engine and connecting the wires. One source for Kohler service manuals is openengines.com.
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    Actually, he will find little info on what he's doing on the Kohler site. What he needs is the "Replacement Engine Guide" from Kohler, but it's dealer only.
    smallenginesuppliers.com has a good refernce source that available to everyone. I use it often. You have to dig a little.
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    And that only gives a replacement of the same series engine......

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